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Welcome to Ishimo.Info! This is the companion site to Ishimo.Com.

I've owned this domain name for years and never did much with it. It has mostly been a test domain for whatever site I was working on or just a holding tank while I figured out what to do with some strange idea I had at the time.

Currently it has been just sitting for several years so I decided to do something with it. Since I only have a vague idea what is going to happen here all I can say is look around and see if anything amuses you or peaks your interest.

You'll find some drawings I've done. Feel free to capture and use. I would appreciate a link if you use them on your site but that's not necessary. Except for advertisers and affiliates nothing on this site is copyright protected to the best of my knowledge.

If you like my site, tell your friends; if not please tell me.

Again, thank you for visiting.
Ishimo Brown

This site and its companion site "An Off Grid Adventure" is supported in part by donations and revenue generated from advertising affiliates by casual visitors such as yourself. I will never use those irritating "pop ups" or videos which take forever to load and you don't want to watch anyway. If you are using ad blocker please consider white listing this site in case you want to click out on something I get a penny or two from.

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